Your Options

Unplanned pregnancy is one of those phrases that’s not pleasant to deal with in theory, and when it actually happens to you or someone you love it can be a source of anguish, fear, and pain. A woman or girl facing a pregnancy she didn’t want might feel all alone, unsupported. Women need to know that it is illegal to force a woman of any age to have an abortion. Support is available to women and their babies, whether they choose to parent or make an adoption plan.

Choosing to become a parent can be both frightening and wonderful, but women do not have to do it alone.

Support for women and their babies is available in many forms, including diapers, temporary shelter, baby and maternity clothes, and more. Pregnancy center counselors also offer non-judgmental, emotional support to pregnant and parenting mothers. And they offer referrals to other community resources available to families.

For pregnancy resources in Pennsylvania, visit our list of Pregnancy Centers in PA

Safe Haven
Mothers of newborns have another alternative when they feel they cannot take care of their baby. All hospitals in Pennsylvania offer a safe haven where women may leave their newborn baby. As long as the baby is unharmed, the woman will not be required to answer any questions. The hospital will take care of the baby until a home can be found for him or her.

For more information, visit the Pennsylvania Safe Haven website. http://www.secretsafe.org/

Adoption is a loving alternative for pregnant women who feel unready to parent. Today, there are many forms of adoption, including open, semi-open and confidential. Women may choose the level of involvement they wish to have in their child’s life once he or she is adopted.

To learn more about adoption, contact your local pregnancy center