What Are Chapters

Local chapters are the major component of the pro-life movement and specifically the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. They help save lives one at a time in communities where they exist, and they are the building blocks of a movement that will one day return legal protection to all unborn children.

Chapters of PPLF have several important functions as the local pro-life resource in Pennsylvania communities…

  • Provide educational materials and resources about abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia
  • Send qualified speakers to schools, churches, and civic groups
  • Maintain local media contacts
  • Provide school and public libraries with pro-life books and pamphlets
  • Keep abreast of state and national pro-life developments in order to educate their community
  • Follow current political activity and legislation, both state and federal, to help pro-life candidates become elected and pass pro-life laws
  • Encourage the support of pregnancy service groups
  • Conduct membership drives and various fund raising events

A movement, as the name implies, depends on its members and chapters advancing toward the same goals. And the concerted grassroots efforts among our local chapters will be the basis for our success in protecting the right to life in our state.

One more letter written, one more phone call made, one more dollar contributed will help to pass pro-life legislation and educate those in our communities who do not yet know the truths about abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. Your time, talents and resources are needed to win.

To volunteer with a chapter near you, click here.