Position Statements

On abortion:

Medical and scientific evidence leaves no room for doubt that an individual is a unique human person at the point of conception and that person's right to life should be respected by society and protected by law.


Legal abortion hurts women and denies them their right to legal protection from the death of their children and the destruction of their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The right-to-life movement must continue to reach out in love to women in need, before and after birth to provide positive alternatives and enable them to choose life for their child.

On post-abortive women:

Abortion is a lethal choice many women never cease to regret.  We actively reach out to women who have been pressured or deceived into aborting a child and help them find the physical and emotional healing they need, so that they may restore their lives and be enabled to have good relationships and stable families.

On euthanasia:

The right to life should be protected until the point of natural death.  We do not seek measures to unnaturally prolong life and pain, but measures to prevent a physician or other individual from ending a life prematurely when natural causes don't.

We promote better education and pain management and programs like hospice that allow terminal patients to cherish their last days of life in relative comfort and maintain their human dignity.  We believe euthanasia robs patients of their right to comfort care and treatment for depression brought on by a terminal illness.

On fetal tissue research and transplantation:

We object to the nonconsensual use of human beings as "guinea pigs" through experimentation on aborted babies and disagree with the assertion that the society can benefit from the violence of abortion by making use of the aborted bodies for our own needs.

On violence:

We support only peaceful efforts to restore the right to life and strongly condemn any acts of violence against advocates of abortion.  Such violent acts are not "pro-life" and only hurt the cause of generating respect for human life.

We do not take part in or condone any illegal activity in the fight against abortion.

On Political Activity:

            Political Activity Resolution

            2008 Guidelines for Right to Life Organizations

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