One-minute video introduction to the PA Pro-Life Federation


“LIFE IS WINNING,” proclaimed Vice President Mike Pence at the 2017 March for Life in Washington, D.C. America rejected another four years of the White House promoting public policies which favored the abortion industry and began leading the nation to accept the rationing of health care as a new normal. Thanks especially to the voters in Pennsylvania we now have a President who is putting pro-life judges on our courts, pulling taxpayer money from organizations that provide and promote abortion overseas and is intent on pursuing pro-life policies.


Yet at the state level we have a governor who volunteered for, and now caters to, the largest abortion operation in Pennsylvania and the nation — Planned Parenthood. Tom Wolf vetoed a bipartisan bill which would have banned gruesome dismemberment abortions in our state. He vows to veto any pro-life legislation which may reach his desk. So the need for our pro-life educational programs is acute. We must work 24/7 to help all Pennsylvanians understand the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia so that they reject pro-death attitudes and policies.


But in the year 2019, we pause to recognize all that has been achieved during the 40 years since our founding in 1979. Our track record of accomplishments demonstrates the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Education Fund have been, and will continue to be, in the forefront of the movement to teach the truth regarding pro-life issues, to restore legal protections for the right to life of preborn babies, and to defend the right to life of the vulnerable and infirm.  With your help, we’ve achieved powerful successes. And so we proudly share some of the things that our generous members and grassroots volunteers have helped us accomplish:

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We are the ONLY statewide pro-life organization in Pennsylvania affiliated with the National Right to Life Committee.

Affiliated chapters are active in nearly 40 Pennsylvania counties, with hundreds of volunteers spearheading pro-life activities in their local communities.  Find one near you at https://www.paprolife.org/join-one .

Our website www.paprolife.org , is the number one spot online for the latest pro-life information in Pennsylvania.

Thanks for checking it out while you are here!

 • Our periodic newspaper LifeLines at https://www.paprolife.org/lifelines-newsletters and our weekly Online

News at https://www.paprolife.org/e-news provide pro-life news and information to more than 30,000 readers.

We produce dozens of “Fact Sheets” about pro-life issues. Call our Education Office or email

lifelines@paprolife.org to find out what’s available. Or download them at https://www.paprolife.org/fact-sheets .


Our “Life Before Birth” educational flyer is a captivating, full-color piece showing a tiny human being at 6-8 weeks’ gestation. This eye-catching flyer offers week-by-week details about a baby’s development in the womb. It’s now available in Spanish, too.


We and our chapters set up pro-life booths at close to 40 fairs and festivals throughout the year, educating tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians about protecting everyone’s right to life.


We inspire thousands of pastors and church-goers with special Pro-Life Church Bulletin Inserts, which are produced in our Education Office. We must win over the hearts and minds of church-goers who believe that

defending life in church is too controversial.


We’re in your communities on radio talk shows, television interviews, and debates. We’re a recognized force in local, state, and national media. Our voice is being heard, but we want to do more!


Teens are being inspired to step up and defend life through partnering with www.teenbreaks.com , youth festival outreach, presentations, oratory and essay contests, and more. We provide access to the latest pro-life information for young people – our brightest hope for the future!


Pennsylvanians are being educated through our fast-paced, fact-packed Pro-Life Town Hall Meetings. Our team of speakers has been to 60 different communities so far, providing the latest information to keep the spirit alive!


We advocate for pro-life laws and public policy. Pro-life elected officials dominate the state legislature, and the White House.


Fast-breaking legislative action alerts transmit critical information across the state from our headquarters in Harrisburg.


Our advocacy for the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act helped to ensure women seeking abortions have access to the facts about their baby’s development, minors have a parent’s consent before having an abortion, women are given a 24-hour waiting period, and abortions are prohibited after 24 weeks except to save the mother’s life.


Our legislative advocacy helps procure state and federal funding for Real Alternatives, which oversees close to 100 pregnancy resource centers in Pennsylvania. More than 300,000 women received help in these two decades. If someone you know is pregnant and needs help, call 1-888-LIFE-AID.


VICTORY! Our efforts were instrumental in passing Act 122 of 2011, which requires that Pennsylvania abortion centers meet common sense health and safety standards and submit to regular, unannounced inspections. Six abortion centers closed in our state after the act became law.


VICTORY! In 2013, we successfully lobbied to pass House Bill 818 to protect Pennsylvania tax dollars from being used for abortion in the state health insurance exchange under Obamacare.


VICTORY! We pushed for the Crimes Against the Unborn Child Act (Pennsylvania Fetal Homicide Law). Criminals in Pennsylvania who intentionally cause the death of or seriously injure a preborn baby can now be prosecuted.  

The number one reason to support the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation is … as ground-breaking progress continues, we will firmly stand on the front lines and be your VOICE, we will carry on the work and be your HANDS, we will continue to educate and spread the MESSAGE that the battle must continue until the final victory is won!


In 40 years, we’ve made tremendous progress, but there’s so much more to do! We need your support now, more than ever. Pro-abortion advocates are passing laws in other states legalizing abortion up to the moment of birth, and after birth—infanticide.  Pro-euthanasia advocates are passing laws in other states legalizing so-called “physician-assisted suicide” laws.  All these anti-life advocates are working to enact laws such as these in Pennsylvania.  Your donation right now at https://fs20.formsite.com/pplf/form22/ will help us to continue to defeat those who want to strip Pennsylvania of the right to life.  On your behalf we will shine as a beacon upholding the truth that there is always a reason to choose life!