Other Resources

Pregnancy help/alternatives to abortion

Real Alternatives: www.realalternatives.org

Adoption and Adoption Agencies: www.adoptionservices.org


Pennsylvania Adoption Option: www.adoptionpa.org

National Pregnancy Centers Online: www.pregnancycenters.org

Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia: www.adoption-phl.org

Post-Abortion Services

Rachel’s Vineyard: http://rachelsvineyard.org/

Silent No More Awareness Campaign: www.silentnomoreawareness.org 

Abortion Changes: You www.abortionchangesyou.com

Pro-Life Educational Services

Pennsylvanians for Human Life Educational Services: https://sites.google.com/site/paforhumanlife/

National/Religious/International Pro-Life Resources

National Right to Life Committee: www.nrlc.org

Priests for Life:

Stop Aborting Down Syndrome Individuals Now:


Ultrasound images of life before birth: www.unborn.com


Photographs of babies killed by abortion
(warning--very graphic)


Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Pennsylvania Coalition to Stop Doctor-Prescribed Suicide www.noassistedsuicidepa.org

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition http://www.epcc.ca/

Patients Rights Council http://www.patientsrightscouncil.org/


Other state pro-life groups
(listed alphabetically by state name)

Alabama Citizens for Life www.AL4life.org

Alaska Right to Life www.alaskarighttolife.org

Arizona Right to Life www.azrtl.org

Arkansas Right to Life www.artl.org

California Pro-Life Council www.californiaprolife.org

Pro-Life Council of Connecticut www.euthanasia.com

Delaware Citizens for Life DECitizensforLife@gmail.com

Florida Right to Life www.frtl.org

Georgia Life Alliance www.georgialifealliance.com

Hawaii Aloha Life Advocates www.hrtl.org

Right to Life of Idaho www.rtli.org

Illinois Federation for Right to Life www.ifrl.org

Indiana Right to Life www.irtl.org

Iowa Right to Life Committee www.irlc.org

Kansans for Life www.kfl.org

Kentucky Right to Life www.krla.org

Louisiana Right to Life Federation www.prolifelouisiana.org

Maine Right to Life www.mainerighttolife.com

Maryland Right to Life www.mdrtl.org

Massachusetts Citizens for Life www.masscitizensforlife.org/

Right to Life of Michigan www.rtl.org

Minnesota Concerned Citizens for Life www.mccl.org

Mississippi Right to Life www.msrtl.org

Missouri Right to Life www.missourilife.org

Montana Right to Life - no website available

Nebraska Right to Life - no website available

Nevada Right to Life www.nevadarighttolife.org

New Jersey Committee for Life - no website available

New Hampshire Citizens for Life - no website available

New Mexico Right to Life Committee www.rtlnm.org

New York State Right to Life Committee www.nysrighttolife.org

North Carolina Right to Life www.ncrtl.org

North Dakota Right to Life www.ndrl.org

Ohio Right to Life www.ohiolife.org

Oklahomans for Life www.okforlife.org

Oregon Right to Life www.ortl.org

Rhode Island Right to Life www.rirtl.org

South Carolina Citizens for Life www.sclife.org

South Dakota Right to Life www.sdrighttolife.org

Tennessee Right to Life www.tnrtl.org

Texas Right to Life www.texasrighttolife.com

Right to Life of Utah www.facebook.com/RightToLifeOfUtah

Vermont Right to Life www.vrlc.net

Virginia Society for Human Life www.vshl.org

Human Life of Washington www.humanlife.net

West Virginians for Life www.wvforlife.org

Wisconsin Right to Life www.wrtl.org