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We would like to thank those LifeLines readers who took time out of their busy schedules to answer our readership survey.  We also appreciated all of your kind words.  Here’s just a sample of the comments:

“I find it very helpful to receive this newspaper.  It contains information that I want but surely don’t find in a ‘regular’ newspaper.  Knowing the issues makes for a more informed and God-centered voting process!  I wish I could help more financially.  Thank you for your service!”

“I really like this paper.  It keeps me up on all that’s going on in the pro-life, especially all the legislation concerning it or related issues.  I don’t have much time to read so for me, this paper is ideal for quick, get to the point material.  And I often times clip an article to save for future use.  Info on candidates is invaluable.”

“It’s very informative as I don’t get the paper or have cable.  I know God will bless your efforts and expand your resources.”

“As soon as my issue of LifeLines comes in the mail I sit down and read it through. These information articles prepare me to talk about the issues on Sunday morning at the breakfast of friends, with my friends at Bible Study on Monday nights.  I put each issue on the magazine rack in my church.”

“I appreciate this wonderful newspaper and its stand so strictly on the dignity of each human life.  I know that they come around with candidate information for the primary or general election.  The articles catch your eye and are very important.  I want you to continue sending it to me.  I keep informed about the candidates for federal office.  Many thanks for your job well done.”

Again, we would like to thank our loyal readers for your continued commitment to LifeLines.  Thanks to your input, we are working to improve Pennsylvania’s premiere pro-life publication to respond to your needs.