Dear Friends,

Welcome to our website. For a ten-minute video introduction to the PA Pro-Life Federation, click here. This is the Commonwealth’s largest organization focused solely on the right to life, and the only group with a statewide presence. As the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, we’re here every day, speaking out for those who cannot speak. Every day our mission remains critical, for every day could be someone’s birthday.

At PA Pro-Life, our labor of love reaches out to legislators, businesses, community leaders, the faith community, moms, teens, and anyone who needs to hear about life issues. This website will give you information about abortion, alternatives to it, free confidential pregnancy help, current legislation, and much more, in addition to helping you get to know us a little better.

We’re here for you on life issues, and want you to know you can contact us for further information any time.

God bless you and those you love,
Michael Ciccocioppo, Executive Director