Hot Topics on Abortion

The Blob of Tissue Argument

Advocates of abortion often argue that what's at stake in an abortion is a blob of tissue.  But real-time ultrasounds have shown us the humanity of the child in the womb.  We can now see preborn babies turning somersaults, sucking their thumbs, and sticking out their tongues--actions that would be impossible for a mere blob of tissue.  The blob of tissue argument, then, is a relic from the '70s that should be retired, once and for all.

The "It's My Body" Argument

Here are some important points to consider:

  • Your preborn child started the same way that you did--through the fertilization of your mother's egg by your father's sperm.
  • Your preborn baby has its own set of genetic characteristics, and may even have a different blood type than you do.
  • Your baby's heart is distinct from yours and beats with its own distinct rhythm.
  • Your baby has organs which are separate from yours.

These facts demonstrate that a preborn child is not simply part of a woman's body, but a distinct individual who should have rights of his or her own.

The "Safe and Legal Abortion" Argument

Advocates of legal abortion argue that, if abortion on demand is no longer allowed, thousands of women will die as a result.

Prior to the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision known as Roe v. Wade, abortion supporters claimed 5,000 to 10,000 women were dying from illegal abortions each year in the U.S.  However, former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the founder of the pro-abortion lobbying group known as NARAL, has been quoted as saying, "I confess that I knew the figures  were totally false and I suppose that others did too if they stopped to think about it.  But in the 'morality' of our revolution, it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest estimates?"

Here are the true facts:

  • One year before abortion was legalized, the Centers for Disease Control said 39 maternal deaths resulted from legal abortion.
  • The widespread use of penicillin caused the death rates from abortion to decline.