Arm 1-Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, Inc.


General Fund
Pennsylvania's Voice for Life in Harrisburg and Washington, DC. 

What we've done:

  • Successfully lobbied for passage of the PA Abortion Control Act, which provides women with information about the development of their baby and alternatives to abortion before having an abortion, and requires parental consent for a minor's decision to abort.

  • Successfully lobbied the state legislature for the nation's first public funding of abortion alternatives. Tax money once allocated to the abortion industry now goes to Real Alternatives, a pioneer program that reimburses financially-strapped local pro-life pregnancy care centers enabling women to choose life for their children.

  • Maintained continuous contact with state and federal legislators, keeping them informed on life issues and encouraging them to adopt legislation protecting life and reject legislation threatening it.

  • Kept pro-life citizens informed of the status of legislation protecting or threatening life, so they can make their views known to their representatives.

  • Lobbied Congress for a partial-birth abortion ban and exposed the harsh reality of the procedure to the public.

The results:

  • The abortion rate in Pennsylvania reached a 20-year low and has decreased more than 45% since 1980 --and in the 1990s, PA experienced a decrease more than twice as sharp as the overall nationwide decline in abortions. 

  • Pennsylvania had the nation's first post-Webster comprehensive law including parental consent and women's right to know.

  • The Pennsylvania Congressional delegation had one of the nation's highest pro-life voting records on partial-birth abortion, as 18 of the 21 House members, including nine Democrats, and both Senators from PA voted to override the Clinton veto.