For Students

Getting Involved
Young people today are stepping up and becoming strong advocates for the right to life. Perhaps it is because as many as one in three people in their generation have been lost to abortion. Students have more opportunities than ever to restore protections for life in the womb. Here are some ways students can get involved:

•    Enter our Pennsylvania Pro-Life Essay and Oratory Contests, which are held every spring. Our Essay Contest is open to students in 7th to 12th grades. Our Oratory Contest is open to high school students in 9th to 12th grades. Students may enter for the chance to win cash and other prizes. Click below for more information:

•    Join a pro-life club at your high school or on your college campus. Visit Students for Life to learn more, or request our pro-life club starter kit from our office.
•    College students, check out the National Right to Life Academy. This intensive summer course offers college students an in-depth study of abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research. Students can earn college credit for the Academy. The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation offers a partial scholarship to students in our Commonwealth. Contact us for details.
•    Reach your friends with pro-life information. Share a pro-life photo on Facebook or Instagram. Tell them about the help available to pregnant and new moms at your local pregnancy resource center. Or start a conversation by asking them what they think about a recent news story on that deals with abortion.
•    Invite someone from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation to come speak to your pro-life club or church youth group. Our dynamic speakers have years of experience engaging and inspiring young adults to passionately defend our right to life. Contact us for more information about speakers and topics.

Writing a Research Paper
Researching and writing a paper about a right to life issue can be a great way to learn more about modern threats to human life. Abortion, assisted suicide, and embryonic stem cell research are among the most controversial and life-destroying issues in the U.S. today. Check out the “Fact Sheets” section on our website for facts about these right to life issues. And click here for our list of tips  for writing a research paper.
Looking for answers about pregnancy, abortion, and more? is a website designed specifically for young people to find answers to difficult questions about unplanned pregnancies, abortion, adoption, and parenting. Teens can also read stories sent in by their peers about how they dealt with these issues.

For younger children
Abortion can be a difficult issue to discuss with younger children. Parents should decide how much and when to discuss the issue with their young children. One of the best things parents can do with their children from an early age is to instill in them a respect and value for every human being. Parents can teach their children that every person, including those who look different or have a disability, is valuable. A good way to begin the conversation is to read “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss and discuss the message of the book. Read more tips for parents here