Pro-Life Fact Sheets

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation offers a wide variety of brochures and other educational materials about the right to life topics. Check out our list below for some of our most popular educational materials. Print copies are available by contacting our office at 717-541-0034.

Abortion Pill Reversal Brochure

President Trump’s Record on Life

Life Before Birth
•    Life Before Birth
•    Snowflake Babies Show Humanity of Unborn Child

Stem Cell Research
•    Stem Cell Research
•    Stem Cell Research Scoreboard

•    2017 Abortion Statistics-Abortion Numbers Drop to  Record Low
•    8 Facts About Abortion
•    Shattering the Myths About What Abortion Does to Women
•    Abortion and Mental Health
•    Forced Abortions
•    The Gosnell Mill: A Sadistic House of Horrors
•    Other “Gosnells”: The Abortion Industry Exposed
•    The Truth About Margaret Sanger
•    The Truth about Planned Parenthood

•    Stopping the Black Genocide
•    Black Genocide in Pennsylvania (updated!)
•    The Truth About Margaret Sanger

•    Pro-Life is Pro-Woman College Fact Sheet
•    Just the Stats for Teens

•    Life at Risk: What the Obama Health Care Plan Means for You & Your Loved Ones (Euthanasia)
•    Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law: Safeguards Don’t Work
•   Threat of Doctor-Prescribed Suicide in Pennsylvania

•    What Churches Can Do
•    Tips for Effective Lobbying
•    Choose Life! Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation