Election News


1. OBTAIN FORMS: Get a stack of free Voter Registration Applications from your county courthouse, public library or neighborhood post office. Your state representative’s district office staff can also provide them to you. If you cannot find them locally, call the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation state headquarters in Harrisburg at (717) 541-0034. Give your name, address and the number of forms you need and they will be rushed to you by U.S. Postal Service.

2. REGISTER YOURSELF: If you are not registered, complete the application and mail it to the address listed on the form for your county.

3. HELP REGISTER OTHERS YOU KNOW: Ask all your pro-life family, friends and neighbors if they are registered. If they are not, give them applications and urge them to complete them. You could even offer to mail the completed forms for them! Note: Do not offer applications to those whom you may love but who do not share your desire to vote for pro-life candidates.

4. CONDUCT A VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE AT CHURCH: If you belong to a pro-life church, ask your pastor to allow you to distribute Voter Registration Applications after church services. Such nonpartisan voter registration drives are permitted in churches as long as you do not solicit votes for specific candidates by name. You may certainly provide information to churchgoers on the positions taken by candidates.