Arm 2- The PA Pro-Life Federation Educational Fund


The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Educational Fund (PPLF Ed Fund) is a tax-exempt organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The PPLF Ed Fund is an outgrowth of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, Inc. These organizations are Pennsylvania's leading voice in promoting the dignity and sanctity of human lives threatened by abortion.

The PPLF Ed Fund became operational in August 1984. Since its birth, the PPLF Ed Fund has undertaken projects to educate Pennsylvanians about the personhood of children in the womb; the truth about what abortion is and what it does to mothers and their preborn children; the importance of teaching teens to live a chaste life and avoid unwanted pregnancy; and the availability of viable, life-affirming alternatives to abortion, such as adoption and assisted parenting. 

What we've done

  • Been instrumental in cutting the state's abortion rate almost in half.

  • Promoting viable alternatives to abortion resulting in more than 200,000 clients being served.

  • Significantly changing public opinion on abortion.

  • Reaching 10 million people with pro-life messages through broadcast media.

  • Helping more than 3,500 Pennsylvania churches disseminate the pro-life message to their parishioners and communities.

  • Printing tens of thousands of copies of our newspaper, LifeLines, each year.

  • Educating more than 500,000 teenagers on the right to life and abstinence.

  • Holding periodic pro-life conferences.

  • Establishing Pennsylvania's premiere pro-life website at