October 16, 2017: Planned Parenthood in PA Fails Inspection After Inspection·        

·        Free Speech for All
·        2018 March for Life, Washington D.C.
·        Special Events

October 2, 2017: How Many Women are at Risk from Shoddy Abortion Centers?
·        Thank you to all who attended and all who helped to make the 2017 Celebrate Life Banquet the success it was
·        Student Contests Underway

September 25, 2017: The Tragic Love Story Between Governor Wolf and Planned Parenthood

·        Get Your Pro-Life Bulletin Inserts for Respect Life Month
·        Call Your US Senator to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

September 18, 2017: Victory--Abortion Center Closes!!!
·        Celebrate Life Banquet Deadline Extended
·        Down Syndrome Lives Matter

September 11, 2017: What Every Preborn Baby Needs
·        Royal Treatment for PreBorn Babies
·        2017 Celebrate Life Banquet
·        March for Life Announces Speaker

September 5, 2017: Renovating Society to Make Room for Special Children
·        Pro-Lifers Respond to Hurricane Harvey
·        Hear Ryan Bomberger Talk About the 2017 Celebrate Life Banquet

August 28, 2017: Meet Some Pro-Life Superheroes
·        2017 Celebrate Life Banquet
·        Good News Out of Reading, PA

August 21, 2017: Abortion Reversal Process Saves Twins!
·        Down Syndrome Eliminated?
·        Planned Parenthood Media Blitz Fails to Tell Truth

August 14, 2017: Top 10 Reasons Why It's Good to Be Pro-Life Now
·        Cuomo Denies Science of Fetal Development
·        2017 Celebrate Life Banquet